20 Cute Mushroom Drawing Ideas


Mushroom art is everywhere these days. I have to say there are so many variations of mushroom art that I couldn’t pick just one. I wanted to give you all a lot of options for drawing these cute mushrooms and to make mushroom drawing easy for you as best I could.

You can pick your favorite mushroom aesthetic, watch my video of my drawing a trippy mushroom, or just scroll through and see which mushroom drawing style makes you want to pull out your sketchbook and get drawing.

I had so much fun creating these mushroom drawings for you all and I hope you enjoy drawing them in your sketchbooks as well.

Art Supplies You May Need

I mainly draw digitally myself on my iPad Pro, but use whichever tools you feel comfortable using. Here are a few suggestions that I use.

Traditional Art Supplies

• Pens
• Pencils
• Sketchbook
• Colored Pencils

Digital Art Supplies

• iPad
• Pencil Grip
• Apple pencil
• Drawing Glove

Trippy Mushrooms

These trippy mushroom drawings are a whirlwind of vibrant colors and dizzying patterns that seem to dance right off the page. They’re like stepping into a magical, otherworldly realm where everything is just a little bit strange and totally mesmerizing. I hop you love them!

groovy stoner hippie psychedelic trippy mushroom drawing
easy trippy mushroom drawing in color

How To Draw A Trippy Mushroom

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Cool Mushrooms

Cool mushroom drawings are like a breath of fresh air, with their cute style and effortless coolness. My favorite is this cool cat with a mushroom hat. Which is yours?

cool cat mushroom drawing aesthetic
easy cool mushroom drawing with sunglasses

Cute Mushroom Drawings

Cute mushroom drawing ideas are like a warm hug from a dear friend, with their adorable charm and whimsical flair. Each mushroom seems to have its own personality, from shy and bashful to cheerful and carefree, making it hard not to fall in love with them. If you’re looking to brighten up your day or add a touch of cuteness to your artwork, these cuties are the perfect choice.

cute and easy mushroom with glasses drawing
easy cute mushroom with a frog drawing

Cartoon Mushrooms

Cartoon mushrooms are a wonderland of oddities, with their exaggerated features and whimsical personalities and these two cuties are no different. This first little guy really wants to be your friend.

cute cartoon character with face mushroom drawing outline
cute cartoon mushroom drawing aesthetic with flowers

Easy Mushroom Drawings

Easy mushroom drawings burst with creativity, with their simple yet effective design. I’m hoping these inspire you all no matter your artist skill level to pick up a pen and start sketching. I know you can do it!

easy mushroom drawing art
easy mushroom riding on the moon drawing

Simple Mushrooms

These simple mushrooms a full of understated elegance, with their minimalist style and clean lines emphasizing the beauty of nature’s most unassuming creations. These fungi are so much fun to draw and are great for all skill levels.

simple mushroom drawing for kids
four simple mushroom drawing ideas

Morel Mushrooms

Morel mushrooms are a mystery to many, with their wild, irregular shapes and unique growth patterns exciting even the most experienced mushroom hunters. Of all these mushrooms the Morels were my absolute favorites to draw. It’s almost meditative drawing the little irregular parts of their mushroom caps.

easy realistic morel mushroom sketch art
black and white cute morel mushroom drawing

Chibi Cute Mushrooms

Chibi cute mushroom drawings are so adorable, with their big eyes, small stature, and cheerful expressions making them an instant fan favorite. Chibi is such a fun art style to try out. I will definitely be drawing more ideas for you using this style in the future.

chibi drawing of a cute mushroom with a leaf
chibi cute mushroom in green tea drawing aesthetic

Small Mushroom Drawings

Small mushroom drawings are filled with charm and delicacy, capturing the subtle beauty of these tiny wonders of nature in an almost whimsical way. I do enjoy making patterns so I thought you might enjoy these small mini mushrooms in a pattern too.

small easy simple mushroom doodle
small mushroom drawing in color in a pattern

Kawaii Cute Mushrooms

These Kawaii Cute Mushroom Drawings were just adorable to draw. Similar in style to Chibi mushrooms with just slight differences. I loved making this sleepy mushroom and I hope you do too.

easy kawaii cute sleepy mushroom drawing
kawaii cute mushroom outline drawing

Thank you so much for checking out my super cute mushroom drawing ideas. I hope they help you practice your mushroom drawing skills and give you some great ideas to create your own drawing ideas.

Feel free to share this post with your friends and family and check out my other blog posts for more fun and easy drawing ideas.

Have a great day!

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