40 Easy Whimsical Drawing Ideas For Your Art Journal

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I have created a list of 40 simple easy whimsical drawing ideas for you to try out in your sketchbooks and art journals.

I hope these easy drawings inspire you to doodle more often and practice your drawing skills as much as you can. I found them such a joy to draw and I think you will too.

* All drawings hand drawn by me unless otherwise mentioned

What Is A Whimsical Drawing?

A whimsical drawing can range from vibrant child like illustrations to a black and white aesthetic drawing.

To me, whimsical drawings are anything that makes you feel a sense of whimsy or even a deeper feeling of longing or nostalgia.

So, use my creative drawing ideas to inspire your own easy whimsical drawing ideas for your sketchbooks and journals.

1. Dream Bottle

Here is a fun mystical forest in a bottle to practice drawing.

whimsical drawing of a mountain landscape inside a glass bottle

2. Cute Dog Face

Here is a cute little doodle of a dog with glasses to draw.

simple doodle of a dogs face with glasses

3. Mystical Face

How do you draw a whimsical face?
In truth, however you want to, but this is my version. I hope you are inspired to draw your own.

easy whimsical drawing ideas face with moon

4. Flying Heart

Sometimes your heart feels like it might fly away. Enjoy drawing this simple heart doodle.

simple heart with wings doodle

5. Simple Campsite

This cute simple campsite doodle is a joy to draw.

simple campsite drawing at night

6. Ocean Snow Globe

Is it a crystal ball or a snow globe? You decide!

cute snow globe doodle of a boat on the sea

7. Autumn Leaf

Autumn is my favorite time of year! When the leaves start falling I’m in my happy place.

cute fall autumn leaf

8. Dandelion Doodle

Don’t forget to make a wish when you draw these whimsical dandelions!

cute dandelions sketch

9. Skull

Check out this cute little “not so spooky” skull doodle.

cute skull doodle

10. Magic Hand

If only I could snap my fingers and create something magical like this fun drawing.

fingers snapping creating a magical flame drawing

11. Crescent Moon

Clearly my fun easy whimsical drawing ideas are full of moons. I don’t know why, but apparently I seem to enjoy them. LOL

simple crescent moon with spots doodle

12. Campfire

Here is a super simple campfire doodle to add to your journal.

simple campfire sketch

13. Fox

What does the Fox say?
“I love you”

cute fox drawing with hearts floating around it

14. Envelope

Easy to draw wildflowers are one of my favorite things. How about you?

envelope with flowers inside drawing

15. Pineapple

Aren’t your easy whimsical drawing ideas full of pineapples? Maybe not, but they’re fun to draw!

simple drawing of a pineapple

16. Dream Cloud

What if clouds really could rain stars?

cloud raining stars whimsical drawing

17. Space Window

Would you climb out this window? I would.

whimsical window drawing with a ladder leading into outer space

18. Cute Cat

Cats are my favorite animals of all time. Have fun drawing this cute kitten.

cute cat doodle with a heart nose

19. Pumpkin Spice

All things autumn are whimsical. I promise.

pumpkin spice latte cup drawing in autumnal colors

20. Band-Aid

I think band-aid’s should all say this.

bandaid drawing that says I'm Ok on it

21. Funny Ghosts

These ghosts are adorable. I hope you enjoy drawing them.

funny ghosts doodle scaring each other

22. Day/Night Mountain

This drawing is a little more advanced, but I know you can do it. It’s perfect for your sketchbook.

day and night mountain range in a circle whimsical drawing

23. Grimoire

The secrets to the universe are inside this magic book. If you draw it you might find the answers you’re searching for…

magical grimoire book drawing with crystal on the cover

24. Mountains

This is a quick and fun sketch for your journal.

simple mountain and sunrise sketch saying adventure awaits

25. Candle

This candle doodle turned out better than I expected. It’s a fun drawing idea with a lot of simple options.

twisted candle doodle

26. Earth

Enjoy this cute earth doodle. Don’t look too closely at the continents.

earth with sun and moon and happy family drawing

27. Bucket of Flowers

Seriously, drawing flowers is my obsession.

simple bucket with flowers and a butterfly drawing

28. Whale Tail

This is a simple circle drawing that’s perfect for your sketchbook.

whimsical doodle of a whale tail in the ocean drawn inside a circle

Watch Me Draw The Whale Tail

Watch this recent video I made showing you how to draw one of these easy whimsical drawing ideas!

Check out more drawing videos on my TikTok as well!

29. Rabbit

The cutest rabbit in the world to sketch is right here!

cute rabbit riding a skateboard drawing

30. Shooting Star

Make another wish!

simple shooting star doodle

31. Tree

So many trees to draw and so little time.

cute tree drawing in a doodle style

32. Heart Plant

More flowers, but this time make it hearts!

potted plant growing hearts doodle

33. Mystic Mushroom

Okay, this one is so much fun to draw! Get creative and make the mushrooms as wild as you want.

magical whimsical mushroom drawing with moon and stars decorations

34. Night Sky

Yes, I did draw another moon. But, in the rain.

simple sketch of the moon and rain clouds at night

35. Balloons

All lists of easy whimsical drawing ideas should be full of balloons right? Because it doesn’t get much more whimsical than balloons!

three cute balloons drawing

36. Pockets

My best flowers of the bunch here. How cute is a pocket full of flowers?!

pocket full of wildflowers drawing

37. Surfer

Just ride the wave dude.

doodle of a surfer riding a wave

38. Hot Air Balloons

The cutest hot air balloon drawing you’ve ever seen, right?

whimsical hot air balloons drawing with bright colors

39. Flower Heart

All this drawing needed was a moon and it would be the full embodiment of this entire post.

cute heart with flowers inside drawing

40. Planet

Whimsical, mystical, magical doodles in space!

whimsical planet in outer space drawing

I hope you enjoyed these cute easy whimsical drawing ideas and that they make your sketchbook or journal a little more magical.

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Thank you for stopping by my little blog. I appreciate every one of you!

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