25+ Aesthetic Wallpapers For IPhone

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I created a collection of free aesthetic wallpapers and backgrounds for your phone. I think there might be a little something for most of you here.

If you like pastel wallpapers, sky aesthetic wallpapers, nature wallpapers, or even retro wallpapers there is something here for you to enjoy. I hope you try a few out to see what suits your personal aesthetic.

If you wish to use any of these aesthetic wallpapers for your personal use please do. Just press down on your IPhone or Android screen for a moment and save to your phone. I hope you enjoy these.

*All aesthetic wallpaper designed by me unless otherwise mentioned.

Minimalist Aesthetic

There’s a few different minimalist styles here to choose from. I think you’ll like them.

Watch my demo video

See how a few of my favorite aesthetic wallpapers might look on your phone. They’re also great as lock screen backgrounds.

Check out my TikTok for more videos too!

Cloud Aesthetic Wallpapers

I love these cloud IPhone wallpapers so much! I love the colors and the vibe. I hope you enjoy them just as much.

Retro Aesthetic

These cute 70’s Retro backgrounds are so much fun! If you like these, you might also enjoy these free preppy wallpaper designs too.

Nature Aesthetic Wallpapers

These nature backgrounds will make your phone look amazing.

Fruity Wallpapers

For those who enjoy a summer aesthetic these are for you to enjoy.

Magical Aesthetic

For those who love all things supernatural and magical these wallpapers and backgrounds are perfect for you.

How do I make an aesthetic collage for wallpaper?

Sometimes you just want to make your own aesthetic wallpaper collage. Which I completely understand. In my opinion the best way is to use Canva. I made these phone wallpapers with Canva and you can do it too!

When you want to make a collage of pictures for you phone wallpaper it’s often best to do it yourself so you can get your perfect aesthetic style. Canva is free to use and though I do have the paid pro version which gives me access to a lot more pictures and graphics; in general the free version is great for personal use.

If you want me to make a how to video then just let me know in the comments, but it’s pretty straight forward. You can Google the correct size design for your specific phone screen size which is an added bonus. Then just create your design and download. Canva has a mobile app as well if you want to do everything from your phone or tablet.

Have fun creating!

I hope you enjoy these free aesthetic phone backgrounds and that they brighten your day a little. If you have any suggestions for more wallpapers and backgrounds that you would like to see on this blog I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

Feel free to share these with your friends and family. Sharing on social media is also really helpful for my small blog.

Thanks for stopping by!

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2 thoughts on “25+ Aesthetic Wallpapers For IPhone”

  1. Hello, I love all your work. I recently downloaded your Zodiac Fantasy Digital Paper Bundle Vol2.
    They are stunning images; can you please tell me what programs were used to create them? Thank you.

    • Hello Sheryl! I’m so sorry I missed this comment. I think you ended up asking Creative Fabrica because they asked me the same question for a customer, but just in case it wasn’t, let me answer here as well. I used Midjourney and I edited it with Affinity Photo. Most of my art I sell now on Creative Fabrica and Etsy are created using Midjourney and then hand edited on my iPad with Affinity Photo. I hope that helps!

      The zodiac papers are definitely some of my best sellers and I plan on creating more in that series and some clipart soon too! So, definitely check the shops soon for more Zodiac fun! 🙂


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